Camp NaNo July & Writing Updates

First of all, a writing update.

I finished the script for The Land of Two Moons! It has a prologue and 49 chapters, which is, at the moment, 1182 comic pages. That number will likely change as I edit the chapters over the years. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the number of pages down below 1000.

Now that I’m not writing a script and drawing a comic at the same time, I’ve found that I’m not nearly as tired as I used to be. I used to write AND draw every weekday – and this was after coming home from an 8-hour office job. Evidently that was too much.

I’ve learned my lesson – one thing per day! Either writing or drawing, not both.

As for what I’ve accomplished since then:

  • Finished penciling all of chapter 2!
  • Re-scripted chapter 3 so that it’s in more of a traditional comic format. There are more than 2 panels per page now!
  • Thumbnailed out chapter 3 on paper. That’s right, on paper. With a pencil. Not on a computer. And I like it better.
  • Finished inking all of chapter 1 on June 20th!
  • Started inking chapter 2!

And now…July approaches. As usual, I’m going to be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m going to be using that month to start rewriting The Book of Immortality, the Chinese fantasy novel I started writing during NaNoWriMo 2017 and finished in June of 2018.

If anyone remembers, rewriting The Book of Immortality was one of my goals for NaNoWriMo 2018. That…did not happen. I did create an outline, but any actual writing didn’t happen, since I wanted to focus on The Land of Two Moons.

But it’s one of my goals this year to rewrite The Book of Immortality. And I haven’t written anything since I finished The Land of Two Moons. And I haven’t written prose since November of 2016!

This is totally gonna turn out well, right? It’s not like I’ve completely forgotten how to write prose or anything, right?

July is definitely going to be quite interesting.

Camp NaNo April 2019 Results

Week 1: Days 1-7

Target page count: 24

Pages scripted: 24

I hit my page goal every day. I finished chapters 40 & 41 and started on chapter 42.

Week 2: Days 8-14

Target page count: 47

Pages scripted: 47

My allergies got a lot worse this week! I barely kept up with my page goal. I’m also starting to feel the strain of writing every day. I don’t typically write this much every day, so I’ve been having a minor tendinitis flareup.

I finished chapters 42 & 43, and started chapter 44.

Week 3: Days 15-21

Target page count: 70

Pages scripted: 73

Finished chapters 44 & 45 and started chapter 46. It was easier to keep up this week than in week 2. I didn’t have any tendinitis flare-ups. I even ended up writing more than my goal!

Week 4: Days 22-30

Target page count: 100

Pages scripted: 100

Finished chapters 46, 47, and 48. Then I won on the 27th! I continued writing after that, but didn’t count those words/pages towards Camp.

Overall Results & Going Forward

As of April 30th, I have 48 chapters complete. I’ve just started chapter 49, which will be the last chapter in The Land of Two Moons unless, for some reason, I decide that the story needs an epilogue or an additional chapter (which it really doesn’t).

I’m going to spend the first week or two of May to finish up the script. And then…I’m going to work on penciling chapter 2. Editing is going to happen slowly over the next ten years as I actually draw the comic. There’s very little about it I want to change or flat-out don’t like, and I imagine that the majority of the editing will have to do with cutting down some conversations & scenes that went on a little too long.

My progress per day, in case you’re curious.

Camp NaNo April & LotM Update

As usual, I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo in April. I’m continuing to work on The Land of Two Moons with a goal of 100 pages. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish the script by the end of April. I’m close to being done with chapter 39 at the moment, and I don’t think I need more than five chapters plus an epilogue to wrap things up.

And then I’ll be done with the script! I’ve only been working on it since June last year, but it feels like forever! It’s absorbed so much of my time that it feels like I’ve been writing for years.

Of course, since this is a ~1000 page webcomic, it’s going to take nearly ten years to draw. It’s going to be on my mind for a long time.

Regarding the actual comic part of the story, I have an update: I finished penciling chapter 1 on the 20th! And due to that, I am lowering my pencils per month goal from 12 pages to 8 pages. Chapter 1 was the longest chapter – it started at 50 pages, and I cut it down to 42. I have a good enough buffer right now that I don’t need to worry about falling behind, so 8 pages a month is plenty good for a 2 page-per-week update schedule.

Back to Camp NaNo. I won’t be doing weekly update posts like I did last year. I’ll have one post at the end of the month (or early June) showing how I did.

See you then!

The Land of Two Moons: now online!

At the moment, only the cover page of the prologue is posted here on Smackjeeves. I won’t be posting pages here or on Pillowfort, though I do eventually plan on making a separate website for the comic itself. However, that’s years in the future.

Here’s a short summary, which itself is still a WIP:

After not seeing each other for eight years, Veitlen Tyvokala is reunited with his cousin and childhood friend Nymue Rozenbarr after she moves to The Capital to attend the Tsurennupaiva Military Academy. They expect their mandatory military service to be uneventful, and that they will return to civilian life afterward. Their expectations are shattered quickly as they learn that their magic abilities are abnormal and potentially dangerous.

Welcome to!

Finally, after seven years of posting on this blog, I have a custom domain name!

That is literally the whole reason I bought an upgrade. I just wanted the domain name. Also, WordPress sent me an email with a coupon and I figured now is a good of a time as any to use it.

On a more important note, I’ve been thinking about what do to with this blog in 2019 and beyond. I want this website to function as more of a log of my creative works with the occasional writing/comic update post. Quality over quantity.

In the early years of this blog, I wrote about a lot of unrelated stuff and sort of used it as my main form of social media. I’ve been sorting through those posts and deleting the ones that aren’t relevant to…well, anything. There were hundreds of those posts! I also plan on cleaning up tags and categories. Those have been a mess since the beginning and I want to make things easy to find.

That’s how things are going to be from now on – or, at least, until I get bored of it and want to do something else. I also won’t be doing monthly update posts like I did last year. Instead I’ll just make a post whenever I actually have something to say.

That’ll probably be at the end of January/beginning of February when I launch my webcomic. Make sure to keep an eye out for that!

2018 in Review & 2019 Goals


Before I get into anything else, I hit seven years on WordPress sometime in December!

2018 in Review

The things that happened this year:

  • Finished writing The Book of Immortality (104k words).
  • Scripted and drew a short comic, Veitlen and Nymue.
  • Moved out on my own for the first time in April!
  • Started writing The Land of Two Moons in June, and started drawing pages of the comic in July.
  • Got a Switch and Breath of the Wild in July. Then got Super Smash Brothers Ultimate for Christmas.
  • Rebelled during NaNoWriMo for the first time! And won at 50,338 words.
  • I also attended a few NaNoWriMo write-ins for the first time, and also went to the TGIO party for my region.
  • Made AT LEAST a $10 USD donation every week. This totaled $586.78.
  • Kept the same job for an entire year!

There are some other minor things that happened, but they’re so minor that they don’t need to be put here.

What I want to do in 2019

Edit/rewrite The Book of Immortality.

I completed the editing outline in November, and I don’t plan to change too much about the story, other than take out all of the filler I wrote during NaNo. I did start rewriting some of it during NaNo, which I found to be fairly difficult as I was going from a present-tense script to past-tense prose. It was incredibly jarring, and also my prose is terrible after years of doing nothing but scripts.

I don’t want to leave this story in limbo and I planned on editing it in 2019 anyway. I don’t really have a timeframe for when I want to start doing this – only that I want it to end before 2019 ends.

Start posting The Land of Two Moons online somewhere.

At the moment, I have fifteen pages completed and eight in progress. I want to start posting the comic online in late January/early February at the earliest. It’ll probably go up on Smackjeeves, as that’s the only comic hosting I’m familiar with at the moment.

Unless I decide to self-host the comic on its own domain. That could always happen.

Continue working on (and finish) The Land of Two Moons.

I’m around 60% done with this story. It’s definitely something that’ll be done this year. I don’t see it being much longer than 50 chapters.

Related: pencil 12 pages of The Land of Two Moons every month.

I penciled 10 pages in December, and it was a really easy goal to hit! I’m going to attempt 12 pages per month in 2019 for a total of 144.

Write and post a work of short fiction on this blog.

This might be prose, or another short comic. But I want to write something that isn’t related to either The Book of Immortality or The Land of Two Moons.

Get a custom domain name for this website.

This is an idea I’ve been toying with for the past few months. Since it’s easy and cheap I’ll probably end up doing it sometime in January.

Keep the same job.

This is really something that I don’t have control over, since I could get laid off at any time. But unless something particularly bad happens, I plan on working at the same place for all of 2019.

Final words


Whether you use the cloud or some kind of external storage, make sure you’ve got copies of all of your work! You have no idea when your primary computer will crash and burn.

Lexember 2018

This Lexember, I worked on Rennukat – the conlang that I created for The Land of Two Moons.

Day 1

iro [ˈ] v. to exist physically

Tsu rennut iro.

[tsu ˈrɛn.nʊt ˈ]

two moon.NOM.PL exist.PRS.IND

“There are two moons”.

Day 2

Language: Rennukat

syven [ˈsy.vɛn] n. star

Day 3

syvekerru [ˈˌkɛ] n. galaxy (star-cloud)

Day 4

rennudiren [ˈrɛˌdi.rɛn] n. an impact crater caused by the former moon Ellinen

Day 5

lerucha [le.ˈru.tʃa] n. theocracy. A loanword from Ciniáne leruggeá [le.rud.dʒe.ˈɑː] “God republic”

Day 6

hasra [ˈhas.ra] n. desert

Day 7

varasynne [ˈva.ra.ˌsʏ] n. taijitu. From vara “dark” + synne “light”.

Day 8

maita [ˈmaɪ.ta] n. magic.

vara maita “dark magic”

synne vaita “light magic”

Day 9

nahtaryklun [ˈnah.ta.ˌrʏk.lʊn] n. spirit weapon. From nahta “soul” + ryklun “weapon”.

Day 10

Akoisusei [ˈa.koɪ.ˌsu.seɪ] n. The Goddess of Mercy. From akoi “behold” + susei “mercy”.

Day 11

dyhtail [ˈdʏh.taɪl] n. deity

Day 12

soiny [ˈsoɪ.ny] n. pigeon

Day 13

aven [ˈa.vɛn] n. crossroad. Sai Avenit “The Crossroads” is a city in the Western District of Tsurennupaiva.

Day 14

chanda [ˈtʃan.da] n. serendipity. Chanda is the name of the current Avatar of Akoisusei (The Goddess of Mercy).

Day 15

Sairren [ˈsaɪr.rɛn] n. One of the moons that orbits the planet Talassa.

Day 16

Veitlen [ˈveɪt.lɛn] n. One of the moons that orbits the planet Talassa. Also the name of one of the protagonists of The Land of Two Moons.

Day 17

koissa [ˈkoɪ] n. avatar

Day 18

meinara [meɪ.ˈna.ra] n. planet

Day 19

tsyra [ˈtsy.ra] n. diamond

pevu tysra “carbonado (black diamond)”

Day 20

narzyll [ˈnar.sʏl] n. beryl. This is an old loanword that’s kept its spelling.

juki narzyll “goshenite”

kane narzyll “red beryl”

losir narzyll “morganite”

ris narzyll “aquamarine”

ryt narzyll “emerald”

tuura narzyll “heliodor”

Day 21

hallionhiljon [hal.ˈli.ɔn.ˌhɪl.jon] n. solstice. From hallion “sun” + hiljo “stand still”. The final –n exists solely because hallionhiljo sounded too awkward.

Day 22

mortjara [mɔr.ˈtʃa.ra] n. sapphire. From mor “deep blue” + tjara “gem”.

Day 23

kanetjara [ˈˌtʃa.ra] n. ruby. From kane “red” + tjara “gem”.

Day 24

sherir [ˈʃe.rɪr] n. quartz. A loanword from an old, lost language.

Day 25

diren sherir [ˈdi.rɛn ˈʃe.rɪr] n. stishovite. From diren “crater” + sherir “quartz”.

Day 26

aritehde [ˈa.ri.ˌtɛ] n. silver. From ariana “silver color” + tehde “metal”.

Day 27

haturra tehde [ha.ˈtu.ra ˈtɛ] n. gold. From hatuura “gold color” + tehde “metal”.

Day 28

artemaren tehde [ˈar.te.ˌma.rɛn ˈtɛ] n. bismuth. From artemaren “rainbow” + tehde “metal”.

Day 29

natarika [ˈna.ta.ˌri.ka] n. demon.

Day 30

vuhta [ˈvʊh.ta] n. ghost

Day 31

manavah [ma.ˈna.vah] n. human