FitN Finished

Last night, I finished writing The Fire in the Night. I started working on it in August, for the session of Camp NaNoWriMo that was being held. I only managed to write about 19,000 words in August, so it was far from finished.

I’m sure I tried to work on it on and off until November, when I started writing Butcher for NaNoWriMo. After that was done, I started working on it again, but I never really worked on it very much until January, when Milwordy started.

In January, I wrote 20,253 words, and in February, 5,113. That adds up to a total of 25,366 words for The Fire in the Night that I’ve written this year. Sadly, that’s more than I’ve written for my January novel and my StoGaWriMo/ViGaWriMo.

But now that FitN is out of the way, I should have no problem working on Jhilhit (since I did not finish that last month) and The Academy of the Alps (which I am terribly behind on), right? Well…there’s another novel that I haven’t finished. That novel is The Children of the Dark. I hope it doesn’t go the same way FitN did. I mean, it would be great to finish it in something like 40 days, but…I want to finish Jhilhit and AotA first!

I guess now is the time to start writing madly on weekends, isn’t it?

Well, I’ve got nothing left to say, so I’ll say this: Valete!

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