Script Frenzy is won

I actually won yesterday, but for some reason I didn’t make a post about it.

Yesterday, I reached 100 pages. Finishing early feels pretty great! However, I’m not going to validate just yet. I have a goal of 125 pages for this month, and I need to reach that goal. Then I can validate and feel accomplished.

Unfortunately, I won’t be finished with my script. I have at least another three or four chapters to script (most of which do not have summaries yet), which is probably going to take up until the end of May to finish. That’ll become one of my side projects – as well as Everflame, Jhilhit, CotD, etc…

I really should finish a couple of things before I start anything else.

Back to writing about Script Frenzy and script-writing. I’ve found that it’s incredibly easy to work from a plan. Usually, I just pants my writing with no actual planning (as in formal planning. I do have plot points and stuff and ideas on when they are going to happen, but I know nothing about the in-between). I did try to write a novel with planning before, and…that did not work very well.

But for scripting, planning does work. Is that strange? It seems sort of weird that planning scripts works well, but planning novels does not.

Anyone else had something similar to this happen before?

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