NaNoWriMo Update 01

I got about 2.5 hours of sleep (from 12:30 AM to 3:00 AM) and I have not slept since then. If this post seems disjointed, that may be why.

This is the first of three updates that I am planning on doing this month. The next one will be on the 20th, and the third will be on the 30th.

NaNoWriMo has gone very well.  been going very well. In fact, it has gone so well that I finished my novel at 50362 words last night around 9:00 PM. I wrote 9,194 words, which was enough to finish my novel and bring me up to a win.

I have never written 50,000 words in nine days before. I have also never finished writing anything other than a short story in nine days. My previous record was nineteen days, and I thought that was ridiculous.

This does not mean that I’m going to stop writing. I have other ideas bouncing around my brain, and once they are outlined, I will start writing them. Outlining and planning should take a few days and after that, I’ll be ready to start writing again.

However, I will certainly not be writing at the same speed. My wrists, fingers, hands, and even my elbows are still in pain.

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