Mid-Camp NaNo Update

This month, I decided to write a script instead of a prose novel. This is partially because Script Frenzy used to be held in April and partially because I want to turn this story into a comic. It was through Script Frenzy that I learned that I really like scripting, and I was pretty bummed when it was canceled.

I don’t know why I stopped scripting at all! It’s been extremely enjoyable so far, much more so than prose writing. It’s possibly because I’m not focusing so much on descriptions as when I write prose – there’s less filler this way, so I’m actually going through my plot without resorting to copious amounts of it to pad out my word count.

Usually I end up disliking my novels when I finish them, mostly due to the filler. Editing and cutting out all of it results in a much shorter book than what I thought I would end up with. That’s been disappointing and discouraging! I was starting to think that I’d never produce something I’m proud of.

I have a feeling this might be the exception to me not liking my writing. Of course, I might be completely wrong, but I’d really like to try this first.

Currently at 10,849/20,000.

One thought on “Mid-Camp NaNo Update

  1. Congrats on rekindling your love of script writing and for being halfway to your Camp NaNoWriMo goal. I entirely understand your complaint about novels having a lot of filler. While novels are my chosen form, transition scenes and figuring out exactly how to describe everything clearly and fluidly can be a pain. Maybe I’ll have to give your world a crack some time. Keep up the great work!

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