Results of Camp NaNo July

I won on the 31st with 35,189 words out of an original goal of 35,000. It was a fairly rough month, since I didn’t rely on chatrooms and had to deal with rewriting the later chapters of my at-the-time unfinished outline. But I won, and my outline is finished and shorter than I thought it’d be.

There are twenty chapters plotted out, and when I finished camp, I was one-third of the way through chapter 19. If I continue writing at the same pace I did during July, I ought to be done with the entire script in (roughly) a week.

During the month, I learned a few things:

  1. While fun, scriptwriting doesn’t give you as many words as with regular prose. This is good when you’re trying to avoid filler, but bad when doing a competition that rewards you for more words written.
  2. A loose outline with summaries of each chapter can still be too restrictive. When (if?) I write my November novel, I’m going to try a rough outline of the entire story instead.


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