NaNoWriMo Week #1

I’m behind!

I expected this, because I’ve been busy with classes ever since the semester started. What I did not expect, on the other hand, was my own laziness. Sometimes I just want to sit there at my desk and stare at my computer screen for…absolutely no reason at all. Yeah.

I’m at 10,112 when I should be at 11,669. Since I wrote 2,825 words today, that’s not bad, especially considering I was working on homework for the whole first part of the day. I’ll have enough time to get back on track tomorrow.

Now about the novel itself: I’ve finished a prologue and three chapters. The chapters are all around 3,000 words, which is longer than most of the chapters in my previous novels. Things happened early on that I didn’t plan on having happen until around the middle of the novel. This is mostly after realizing that there are so many things going on in the story that I can’t just pad out the events – things have to keep on happening or else the novel will get too long. I feel like I’m sacrificing a bit of character development, but that’s what editing is for.

So how is everyone else’s writing going?

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