Post-NaNo Thoughts

I won! How did you all do?


I ended up writing around 18,000 words from the 27th to the 29th. It was a lot of work, and I don’t want to that ever again. Seeing as I’ll probably be working a normal, 40-hour job in November next year and not spending something like 65-70 hours a week on schoolwork, I’ll probably never have to do it again! Whoo!

I’m not done with my novel at all. I don’t know how many more words I’m going to need to finish it, so I’m going to set my goal to 75,000 words. If I reach that goal and I’m still not done, I’ll up the goal to 100,000.

Overall, it was a really stressful month. There were multiple days where I didn’t write anything and multiple WEEKS where I barely wrote anything for my novel. On those days, I was working on schoolwork – including typed homework and lab reports. Overall, I wrote 68,825 words in November – which, combined with a five-hour exam on this past Thursday night, has really aggravated my carpal tunnel.

Because of that, I’ve banned myself from writing anything until finals week is over (the 12th). I won’t be having finals every single day, but I’m still going to need that writing break.

In the meantime, I’ve been participating in Lexember this month! I’ve been posting my entries on Twitter and Tumblr. Check out my stuff if you’re interested in conlanging, or even if you aren’t.

I’ll probably be making a post towards the end of the month on my goals for 2016.

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