A very late December post

Hello everyone! It’s been about a month since I made my last post. I’ve been busy for the past month with work, but now that my contract’s ended, I have a little bit of free time before I start looking for my next job. I have quite a few things to cover in this post, but let’s start off with this:


My five-year WordPress anniversary was on the 16th of December. I’ve had this blog for five years! Since 2011! It doesn’t feel that long at all.

Now, I’m going to jump straight to next year’s goals, because why not.

2016 Goals

  • Complete 1 drawing per week for a total of 52. “Complete” in this case means “not a sketch”, and so can vary from a painting like this to a simple character lineup like this.
  • Read 1 piece of fiction per week for a total of 52. This is “piece of fiction” instead of “book” because I ended up reading a lot of short fiction in 2016.
  • Finish scripting The Gate at the End of the World. I finished scripting the first chapter a few days ago, and I’ve got a good idea of how long it’s going to be – 15-20 chapters of at least 20 (comic) pages each. I haven’t finished plotting out how the story is going to go, but I doubt it’ll too long.
  • Similarly, draw at least 50 pages of The Gate at the End of the World. Also, actually start posting it online somewhere. It’s not very useful if I draw a comic and then never show it to anyone.
  • Optimize my Github website for mobile devices. I’ve viewed it on my phone, and it really was not easy to navigate or read anything. That needs to be fixed.
  • Find a stable full-time job. I am unemployed again and I do not like it. I don’t particularly like working – and I’m not sure anyone does – but I like having a source of income and I like having a schedule.

Also, there are a few things I’m going to try doing next year that I haven’t before.

The first of these is: write scripts only, not novels. I have a much easier time scripting than writing prose, and I’ve been wondering what I could accomplish if I only did scripts. If it turns out to not be as successful as I think it might be, there’s no harm in it. I’ll just have figured out it doesn’t work.

The second: have a monthly word/page goal instead of a yearly one. I’ve never had a problem reaching my yearly word goal, but I just want to try something different.

And now, an important reminder.

Have you backed up your computer recently? Flash drives, external hard drives, cloud storage – whatever you prefer, make a backup of all your important files, and make sure you make more than one! I had a problem earlier in the year where one of my flash drives stopped working, and although I was able to recover most things, it wasn’t everything, which in my opinion is not good enough.

And onward to 2017.

Good luck to everyone working toward achieving their goals!

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