NaNo2017 Week 3

11 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 18,333

Words Written: 18,001

Wrote 2,267 words. Finished chapter 6 and started chapter 7.

12 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 20,000

Words Written: 18,311

Wrote 310 words. Ended up being a lot busier than expected today.

13 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 21,667

Words Written: 19,334

Wrote 1,023 words. Finished chapter 7 and added a few scenes to a previous chapter. I planned on writing more, but had an absolutely terrible headache for most of the day and decided that sleep and recovery was more important.

14 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 23,333

Words Written: 20,008

Wrote 674 words. I hit 20k finally! I’m about to get to an exciting action-y sequence in my script, so hopefully that’ll give me a lot of words.

15 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 25,000

Words Written: 20,153

Wrote 145 words.

16 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 26,667

Words Written: 21,821

Wrote 1,668 words. Today was a fairly good writing day! I’m still three days behind, but I’m feeling much better about things.

Some related Tweets:

17 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 28,333

Words Written: 23,156

Wrote 1,335 words and finished chapter 8. I fully intended to write at least 2k, but was way too tired and had to go to bed because I couldn’t concentrate on anything.


This wasn’t a particularly good week. I only wrote 7,422 words when I should have written 13,333, so I’m more than 5k behind at the moment. I plan on using the weekend to get back on track. Hopefully, that’s what will happen. If it doesn’t, the NaNoWriMo website’s “Words to write per day to finish on time” feature is telling me I only have to write 2k per day, which isn’t that bad.

How is everyone else doing?

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