NaNo2017 Week 5

25 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 41,666

Words Written: 36,568

Wrote 548 words. I fully intended to write about 3k today, but that plan got derailed since I went to go look at cars (something I’ve been doing for over a month now) and actually bought one (which is really great! Now I don’t have to look anymore!). That whole experience was way more exhausting than I thought it would be.

As I have the next day completely free of any obligations, I have no excuse not to get to 40k.

26 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 43,333

Words Written: 39,080

Wrote 2,512 words. Finished chapter 13. I’m not at 40k like I wanted to be, but with the hand cramps I’m starting to develop, it seems safer to stop here.

27 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 45,000

Words Written: 42,017

Wrote 2,937 words. Finished chapter 14. I got kind of stuck, and introduced a conflict that allowed me to write a few scenes that I thought I wouldn’t be able to put in anywhere! Also, I wrote the first actual action sequence of the story.

28 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 46,666

Words Written: 42,271

Wrote 254 words. Finished chapter 15.

29 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 48,333

Words Written: 45,500.

Wrote 3,229 words. Finished chapter 16.

30 November

NaNoWriMo Target: 50,000

Words Written: 50,004 (50,131)

Wrote 4,504 (4,631) words. Finished chapter 17. I am exhausted, but I WON, with about thirty minutes until midnight!


What an utterly exhausting month!

I was behind for weeks. You can see below how much I wrote each day and what the actual goal was.

This year’s (2017) writing stats.

As bad as that was, it was not nearly as bad as in 2015, when I was in my senior year of engineering school. I somehow managed to write 18,000 words in three days and win on the 29th.

So what am I going to do now?

I plan to continue working on The Book of Immortality. At the moment, I am barely one third of the way through the story. I intentionally planned it to be a long journey story, but just how long it’s turning out to be is surprising me.

I’m going to take it easy for a couple of weeks and do more plotting than writing until the end of the year. I’m also going to go through the script and make notes on what needs work – I already know there are pacing and characterization issues in places. That will make editing (which will happen sometime in the next two years) much easier.

What about The Gate at the End of the World?

Honestly, I have no idea. I’m feeling a bit iffy about continuing it. Over the months of writing and drawing it, I had a hard time actually liking the story or the characters. I’m going to continue drawing and posting pages until the end of the year, then make a decision on where to go with it.

I previously said it was going to return on the 5th. I’m changing this to the 9th (Saturday) to give myself a little more recovery time.

Now let’s end this blog post:

I don’t expect to post much in December. I’ll do my customary end of the year post, but I don’t have anything planned other than that.

For those of you who were doing NaNoWriMo, how did you do? Did you win? Did you learn something about yourself, or your writing?

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