January 2018 Overview

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with blog posts this year, and the best thing I’ve come up with is to put up a post on the last day of each month. That post will detail what I’ve accomplished in that time period.

So what have I done in January?

Fortunately, I’ve made some progress on the goals outlined in my previous post.

Complete 52 drawings. I’ve completed nine pieces this month, of which 4 were concept art, 6 were comic thumbnails, and 1 was an comic pages. One of those pieces of concept art is a 3D model I did in Google Sketchup. I’m counting it as a “drawing” as I actually had to design & sculpt the thing.

Read 52 pieces of fiction. I’ve decided to expand this to include nonfiction, such as essays and research materials. That said, I’ve read three pieces this month and am continuing to read a book I started in December.

Find an apartment and move out. I have compiled a list of places that fit my criteria. I haven’t actually visited any of the places yet, but I did drive by a few to see if I liked the area.

Continue learning Swedish. I’m currently working on memorizing vocab through Memrise. Vocab is my main problem. Grammar hasn’t been a problem as Swedish is quite similar to English, but I still need a dictionary every time I want to write or read something. I have not started the Swedish journal. I should start the Swedish journal.

Continue learning basic Japanese. I have a much better grasp on hiragana than I did a month ago. I can read words in hiragana (and a few kanji!) without much difficulty now.

I’ve also started work on a short comic. If you’re following me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen my tweets about it. I’ve finished the script, concept art, thumbnails, and am currently working on drawing pages (1/6 completed!).

I’m still working on The Book of Immortality, though it’s basically been on hold since I started working on the short comic. I have plotted out the next few chapters, so it won’t be too difficult for me to pick up writing again.

One more thing I have to do now is look for a new laptop. My current one had a random boot failure on the 27th (I lost nothing, thankfully). It hasn’t experienced any problems since then, but I don’t trust it anymore.

What do I hope to achieve in February?

I want to finish drawing the short comic and post it online – I’ll most likely post it on Tumblr and link it here, or just upload the pages here as well. I haven’t made my decision yet.

Start writing a short story I’ve been plotting out. It’s a fairly simple story that likely won’t be too long or take too long to write. I’d also like to continue the trend (if I can even call it a trend, since I’ve only done it for one month) of writing one piece of short fiction each month and posting it online.

Continue writing The Book of Immortality. I’ve fallen behind quite a bit on my writing goals due to the short comic. Unless my laptop fails spectacularly and I can’t get access to another one in a few days, I don’t see this being much of a problem.

And that’s all I’ve got for January! My next post, if it isn’t the update about the short comic, will be on February 28th. See you then!

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