March 2018 Overview

I can’t believe it’s the end of March already. That month went by so quickly.

I’m going to do this post a little bit differently, since I’m a bit tired of the “list my goals & comment on them” format I’ve done for the past two months. Instead I’ll just talk about what I did in March and what I want to achieve in April.

What did I do in March?

I finished the short comic I’ve been working on! I posted it on my Tumblr on the 3rd of March, and it can be read here. I currently have no intention of posting it on this website, but that may change in the future (like when I get a program capable of creating pdf files). I’ve also added a link to it on my Works page.

I drew something that wasn’t related to the comic at all! It’s here, on my Tumblr. That brings my art total to 17/52 for the year.

I also wrote 10,018 words of The Book of Immortality, bringing the total word count to 69,271. It’s getting quite close to what I had planned out as the halfway point.

What do I hope to achieve in April?

I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo! I have a goal of 15,000 words, and I’ll be continuing work on The Book of Immortality. Unlike in March, I’ll be writing every day – though I think I’ll try to write enough during the week that I won’t have to write on the weekends. If you want to keep track of how I’m doing, the stats page is here.

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