Camp NaNo April 2018 Weeks 2 & 3

Due to me not moving out & not having internet from the 14th to about noon today (the 21st), I’m going to combine these two weeks into one post to keep my posting schedule consistent.

7 April

Target Wordcount: 3,500

Words Written: 3,011

Total Words: 72,283

Today was a pretty good writing day. I got a chapter finished (Chapter 26) and hit 72k words.

8 April

Target Wordcount: 4,000

Words Written: 4,056

Total Words: 73,328

Another good writing day. I’m all caught up now!

9 April

Target Wordcount: 4,500

Words Written: 4,056

Total Words: 73,328

I was busy enough with moving prep today that I didn’t get a chance to write at all.

10 April

Target Wordcount: 5,000

Words Written: 4,527

Total Words: 73,799

I’m behind, but I I’m only one day behind.

11 April

Target Wordcount: 5,500

Words Written: 4,905

Total Words: 74,177

I am still behind, but still writing. Today I finished chapter 27. I also got sick of how long this part of the story was taking, so I’ve decided to skip forward a few days and have the next chapter happen when interesting things are happening. The previous chapters have been full of worldbuilding and character development, but not much else. I think I need to write something different.

12 April

Target Wordcount: 6,000

Words Written: 4,968

Total Words: 74,240

Writing-wise, today was a spectacularly bad day. I think I may need to outline a little bit before I can continue writing.

13 April

Target Wordcount: 6,500

Words Written: 5,040

Total Words: 74,312

I didn’t write much today, but at least I reached 5000 words!

14 April

Target Wordcount: 7,000

Words Written: 5,040

Total Words: 74,312

On account of moving to an apartment (on the third floor!) I didn’t write anything. I was so tired that I went to bed at 8:00 PM.

15 April

Target Wordcount: 7,500

Words Written: 5,555

Total Words: 74,826

I was still tired today, but I still managed to write 515 words.

16 April

Target Wordcount: 8,000

Words Written: 6,556

Total Words: 75,827

Wrote 1001 words today.

17 April

Target Wordcount: 8,500

Words Written: 7,631

Total Words: 76,902

Wrote 1,075 words today. Getting caught up, bit by bit.

18 April

Target Wordcount: 9,000

Words Written: 8,732

Total Words: 78,001

Wrote 1,101 and hit 78,000!

19 April

Target Wordcount: 9,500

Words Written: 9,514

Total Words: 78,783

I’m all caught up and on track again! Whoo!

20 April

Target Wordcount: 10,000

Words Written: 10,028

Total Words: 79,326

This is the first day since the 8th that I’ve hit the target wordcount. Feels good!


I started out behind and ended up exactly on schedule. I was worried that moving was going to leave me too tired to write anything for the rest of the month, but it turns out I was only tired & sore for about two days. Also, I didn’t have internet for a week. And it turns out that I write a lot when I don’t have internet.

I’m also not as busy as I thought I would be. Turns out that living only three miles from work means it takes about ten minutes to get there, instead of over an hour (!!) like it did when I lived at my parents’ house. Even though I have to do all the shopping & cleaning & chores, I have a lot more free time because I’m not spending two hours driving every day.

There’s really only one more week in April, so I think I’ll post the next blog post on the 30th (Monday). Until then!

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