Camp NaNo April 2018 Week 4

Since April ends on the Monday after the Saturday I post my progress reports, I decided to just have this post cover the rest of the month.

22 April

Target Wordcount: 11,000

Words Written: 11,090

Total Words: 80,387

A good writing day! I actually got all of my writing done before noon.

23 April

Target Wordcount: 11,500

Words Written: 11,516

Total Words: 80,813

I wrote a little less than 500 words today, but I’m still on track, so it’s good.

24 April

Target Wordcount: 12,000

Words Written: 12,005

Total Words: 81,302

Again, I wrote a little less than 500, but I’m still on track.

25 April

Target Wordcount: 12,500

Words Written: 12,508

Total Words: 81,805

Wrote 503 words today, pretty early (for me) in the day. Now what am I going to do with the rest of the afternoon/night?

26 April

Target Wordcount: 13,000

Words Written: 13,088

Total Words: 82,383

Wrote 580 words, hit 82k, and started chapter 31. I’m starting to think my original goal of 100k might not be enough…

27 April

Target Wordcount: 13,500

Words Written: 13,625

Total Words: 82,920

Wrote 537 words. I also reached 415 pages in the Word document, which is kind of…a lot.

28 April

Target Wordcount: 14,000

Words Written: 14,010

Total Words: 83,309

Wrote 385 words. Also reached 83k.

29 April

Target Wordcount: 14,500

Words Written: 14,522

Total Words: 83,821

Bit of a late writing day today.

30 April

Target Wordcount: 15,000

Words Written: 15,127

Total Words: 84,371

Done and validated!


Overall, I made pretty good progress on my novel! Although…I think my original goal of 100,000 words is not nearly going to be enough. I’m almost to the 2/3 point, so perhaps it would be more reasonable to move my goal up to 125,000 words.

Of course, that’s something for me to do at the end of next month, not now. Who knows if I’ll suddenly decided to pick up the pace.

So other than that, what did I do in April?

I moved into an apartment and I’m living on my own for the first time in my life. Other than that…not much.

I drew a couple of concept art sketches finished two grayscale pieces, one of which can be viewed on my Tumblr here.

What do I hope to achieve in May?

I’m going to go back to the word goal I had in March – 10,000 words spread out over the weekdays, of which there are 23. That gives me a weekday goal of 435 words per day. That’s lower than my March and April minimums, so it should be very doable.

My next post will be on May 31st. I’ll see you then!

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