Camp NaNo July 2018: Week 1

01 July

Target Page Count: 3.23

Pages Scripted: 6

Total Pages: 6

It is day 1. I have already changed my goal from 31 pages to 100 pages. For those of you who remember Script Frenzy, 100 pages in 30 days (it was held in April) was the target goal. Since July has 31 days, I have it slightly easier than I would if I was doing this in April.

02 July

Target Page Count: 6.46

Pages Scripted: 4

Total Pages: 10

Properly started chapter two today. I also figured out a way to briefly introduce a character and plot point that’ll be important later on. It’s something I was having trouble with as it would seem to come out of nowhere when they’re supposed to be properly introduced, so it’s great that it worked out this way.

03 July

Target Page Count: 9.69

Pages Scripted: 4

Total Pages: 14

Today was a pretty uneventful writing day, though I did manage to work some more things out. There’s a bit more foreshadowing now than I originally had in my outline.

04 July

Target Page Count: 12.92

Pages Scripted: 3

Total Pages: 17

Another uneventful writing day.

05 July

Target Page Count: 16.15

Pages Scripted: 3

Total Pages: 20

Again, an uneventful day. At least the plot is moving forward.

06 July

Target Page Count: 19.38

Pages Scripted: 4

Total Pages: 24

Made good progress on the current chapter.


This week started out pretty strong and ended with me forcing myself to write, but somehow managing to keep ahead of schedule. I’m really hoping next week is going to be better.

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