Camp NaNo July 2018: Week 3

14 July

Target Page Count: 45.22

Pages Scripted: 3

Total Pages: 60

Started chapter 4!

15 July

Target Page Count: 48.45

Pages Scripted: 1

Total Pages: 61

Just one page today. I wanted to take a small break from overachieving.

16 July

Target Page Count: 51.68

Pages Scripted: 3

Total Pages: 64

Not much to say today.

17 July

Target Page Count: 54.91

Pages Scripted: 4

Total Pages: 68

Nothing interesting today either.

18 July

Target Page Count: 58.14

Pages Scripted: 4

Total Pages: 72

I got to finally write part of a scene I’ve had in my head for a while! Feels great.

19 July

Target Page Count: 61.37

Pages Scripted: 3

Total Pages: 75

I finished chapter 4! It was a shorter chapter than the previous ones, but adding more pages would have just been dragging it out unnecessarily.

20 July

Target Page Count: 64.60

Pages Scripted: 0

Total Pages: 75

I decided to take an actual break today and write zero pages. Partially because I’m 75% done, but mostly because I’m dealing with incredibly sore hands/fingers from drawing.


I wrote 18 pages this week. That’s lower than in either of the previous two weeks, but I don’t particularly care since I’m so far ahead.

Counting today, there are 11 days remaining to write, and I need to write 25 pages. That’s less than 2.5 pages a day, and I’m expecting to hit that goal a couple of days before the 31st.

The 31st is also when my last progress report is going up. See you all then!

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