The Land of Two Moons: Chapter 1 Thoughts

My webcomic, The Land of Two Moons, has just recently concluded its first chapter!

Okay, there was a prologue first, so it’s not technically the first chapter. But I have been posting pages continually since the prologue started on January 31st. Chapter 1 ended on July 30th. That’s six months of posting two pages per week. I didn’t miss a single update.

And that’s because I managed to keep an 8-10 page buffer the entire time.

When I was drawing the first chapter, I found that I work best when I pencil out the entire chapter, then start inking & shading pages at random. This is extremely beneficial for several reasons, but for these two in particular:

  1. The artwork of the entire chapter is much more consistent than it would be if I was drawing one page at a time.
  2. I get to finish the easiest pages/panels first, and can spend more time on the difficult/more complex pages.

Artwise, I feel like I improved. I didn’t get much better at drawing buildings or furniture or people, but I did get better at drawing faster. It doesn’t take me as long to draw a page as it used to.

Am I satisfied with this chapter? Yes, even though it’s more than twice the length of the rest of the chapters, and there’s only two panels per page (this is changing in chapter 3), and it’s fairly poorly shaded and I’m still figuring things out art-wise. It definitely did what I intended it to do, which is to introduce the two protagonists – Veitlen and Nymue.

I actually don’t have very many more thoughts on chapter 1, mostly because I just finished drawing the entirety of chapter 2. And that chapter starts on August 13th, if you’re curious.

I’ll probably (maybe) do one of these again when chapter 2 ends. Until then!

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