Camp NaNo July 2020 & Upcoming Stuff

Camp NaNoWriMo

I definitely achieved my goal of 20,000 words (I ended the month with 20,013), but I did have to make a few modifications to my secondary goals.

My initial plan was to edit 10 chapters of The Book of Immortality. This changed to 8 chapters about halfway through the month, since I had an episode of fatigue that lasted long enough that I was seriously considering taking the rest of the month off from any creative work. It fortunately went away, but I kept my 8 chapter goal and managed to reach it.

I…did not work on the short story. At all. I didn’t write a single word of it. I haven’t abandoned it, but it’s definitely not my first priority right now. I’ll get it done sometime this year, I promise.

Chapter 7 of The Land of Two Moons has been successfully translated into prose! It’s very bare-bones in parts and definitely needs a couple of edits. I’ll probably work on getting it finalized all throughout August.

The Book of Immortality

I have eight chapters of the final draft done, and that means it’s finally time to start posting it online! I’m planning on posting the first chapter on this blog on Friday, 7 August.

I am planning on posting chapters every other Friday. One chapter per week is a bit too much for me; I’d like to have some kind of buffer rather than constantly scramble to get things done at the last minute. That’s what happened with The Land of Two Moons during the past month, and it was not pleasant.

I will probably edit this subpage for The Book of Immortality with more information sometime during the next week.

Until then!

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