NaNoWriMo 2020 Results


This post was originally going to be very long – I had a day-by-day breakdown of what stories I worked on and how many words per day I wrote for them. I realized pretty late into the month that that sort of detail isn’t actually necessary (and it made the post way too long), so here’s a much better summary!

I started off November 1st by writing 5,046 words – since it was the last Double-Up Donation day, I thought it would be good to write more than the minimum 1,667. And since it was a Sunday when I had no other commitments (other than getting groceries in the early morning), there would be no problems with me sitting at my computer all day.

5000 words per day is pretty impossible for me, so I set a goal of 2000/day. I did (roughly) this until November 10, which is when I got the news that I got laid off from my job (second time this year, unfortunately). I only wrote 1000 words that day because of it.

I then wrote 3000 words the next day to get back on track, and continued with roughly 2000/day for the rest of the month. I started feeling the mid-month slump around the 14th/15th of November, but managed to push past it.

I finished rewriting the 5 chapters of The Land of Two Moons on the 17th! After that was done, I turned my attention towards finish up the WIP short story The God-King, which I ended up finishing on November 21st. Then I finished the final draft of The Book of Immortality on November 23rd!

All of that, in total, added up to 49,183 words, so I decided to continue novelizing The Land of Two Moons for the rest of the month. I created a new goal: 60,000 words, which I reached on November 29th. My final word count ended up being 61,227 words.

So, how’d I do on all four of my goals?

1. Finish editing The Book of Immortality. All chapters of the final draft are fully edited. That was a total of 19 (out of 38) chapters this month, and 37,576 words (out of a total 75,839 for the whole book).

2. Edit at least 5 chapters of The Land of Two Moons. This goal is also complete. In fact, I managed to double this, and edited 10 chapters in total.

3. Finish writing The God-King and the Spellsmith. This only took 558 words to finish. I’m glad I can finally set it aside and think about other things.

4. Write Cosmic Stardust: Vermillion. I didn’t get a chance to do this, and I didn’t expect to, since I didn’t even have a rough outline by the beginning of November. What I did actually do was write a very rough outline of the first two chapters.

All in all, I had a pretty good month, despite losing my job on the 10th (second time this year…thanks a lot, 2020). Thankfully, that is the only negative thing that happened to me all month, so I was able to stay focused on writing.

If you did NaNoWriMo this year, how did it turn out for you?

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