Writing Throughout the Years

I’ve kept track of how many words I’ve written each day since November of 2009. These started out as .txt documents with the number of days, target word count, and words I actually wrote. From 2012 onward, I started keeping track of my daily writing in a spreadsheet. Over the years, I’ve been refining these spreadsheets into what I hope is their final form.


This is what the spreadsheet currently looks like. If I work on more than one project in a day, I copy the columns (Project Name, Task, Goal, Written) to the right and fill in the information. That way I know exactly how many words I wrote for each story each day.

Additionally, everything I write, whether it’s prose, worldbuilding, or even blog posts, gets copied to a document created specifically for that month. They’re named 01_January, 02_February, etc. and I delete them at the end of the year. This is what I use to figure out my monthly word count, which is what inspired this blog post in the beginning.

Originally, I was wondering if 2020 was worse writing year than previous years. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my monthly word count in one place. I spent way more time than expected compiling all this information and putting it into one place only to find out that 2020 was actually a better-than-normal year:


I wrote 237,601 words in 2020, which is more than every preceding year except for 2013. It’s one of my best writing years. All I did in 2020 was write and edit The Book of Immortality and The Land of Two Moons, and I’m pretty sure that’s why I did so well. I didn’t have to come up with anything new!

Any other writers following me? Do you keep track of your writing on a daily or monthly basis?

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