Blog Update: February 2021

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts! I think the last time I made a post specifically relating to the blog itself was when I bought a domain name in early 2019.

I’ve update the About page. The “About the Website” section has been updated with all the categories used, as well as a brief description of each category.

Added “Nostalgia Time” and “Novels” as categories. The Book of Immortality & The Land of Two Moons, which were formerly categorized under “Writing”, have been moved to the “Novels” category. All the Nostalgia Time posts, also formerly categorized under “Writing”, have been moved to their own category. “Writing” now exists as a category for posts solely related to writing.

All categories & tags on blog posts are updated. Aside from The Book of Immortality, The Land of Two Moons, and Nostalgia Time, quite a few of my early posts weren’t tagged or categorized properly. That’s fixed now.

Removed the “Blog Update” category and turned it into a tag. This really didn’t need to be a category on its own.

I’ve started drafting a “Recommendations” post for January & February. I’ll probably end up doing one of these per month: posts about the things I came across during the month that I liked. I don’t plan on it to be limited to things I read or watched – I might end up recommending entire websites, or blogs, or communities, etc.

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