Further attempts at coding websites

After I deleted my Freewebs account, I essentially moved to WordPress (this website) full-time. It was a lot easier to deal with and I was preoccupied with blogging, which does not work well with a static website. For years, I was satisfied with this.

Sometime in 2016, I started to get interested in coding a website again. This time, I turned to Github. Unlike with Freewebs, my Github site is still online!


What you see (on any page except the home page) is actually the third iteration of the same basic layout. This is the first layout:


And this is the second:


The second layout is essentially the same as the layout online right now, with the exception of some different colors and the dragon background header.

I actually gave up on Github because I could not get the home page (and only the home page) to work properly with the third layout. For the longest time, it would not load. Now that I’m looking at it for the first time in years I see that the page is actually online, but that it won’t acknowledge the stylesheet. Why, I have absolutely no idea.

Will I ever go back to this website? Maybe. Will I be using it what’s essentially a mirror of this WordPress website? Probably not.

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