Where I find things to read (for free)

Updated 21 November 2021 to add Podcastle & Escape Pod

Halfway through 2020, I decided I wanted to read more, especially science fiction and fantasy. That’s the genre I primarily write in and it’s the one I’m most interested in. Not only is it a good way to entertain myself, it’s a good way to see what the current market is like if I want to start trying to get my own fiction published.

When I think about reading, I primarily think about novels. But there are plenty of stories out there that aren’t novels, and a lot of them are available online for free! I went to Feedly (an RSS feed reader) and added every single magazine I ever read a story from (as well as a bunch of webcomics, non-fiction websites, blogs, & other things, but that’s another post entirely). Now instead of checking multiple websites each day or subscribing to a bunch of mailing lists (I’m still subscribed to a bunch of mailing lists) I visit one website and see everything gathered there for me.

This isn’t a list of every science fiction/fantasy/horror magazine out there – just the ones I read and keep up with:

Apex Magazine – a magazine of fantastical fiction, interviews, & essays.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies – a literary fantasy magazine. One story per issue is available in podcast form.

Clarkesworld – a monthly SF/F magazine. All stories are available in podcast form.

Constelación Magazine – a bilingual English/Spanish speculative fiction magazine prioritizing authors from Latin America & the Caribbean.

Daily Science Fiction – a website that publishes short science fiction every weekday. You can subscribe by email to have each story emailed to you.

The Dark Magazine – a magazine of horror and dark fantasy. Certain stories are available in podcast form.

The Deadlands – a monthly speculative fiction magazine exploring Death and its relation to the living.

Escape Pod – a weekly podcast of science fiction.

Fantasy Magazine – a magazine focusing entirely on fantasy. Two stories per issue are available in podcast form.

Fireside Magazine – a magazine of shorter stories (under 3000 words) of any genre.

khōréō magazine – a quarterly genre magazine that primarily focuses on themes of migration.

Lightspeed Magazine – a magazine of SF/F fiction & nonfiction. Four stories per issue are also available in podcast form.

Nightmare Magazine – a horror and dark fantasy magazine of short stories, flash fiction, poetry, editorials, and reviews. Two stories per issue are available in podcast form.

Omenana Magazine – a tri-monthly magazine of speculative fiction by African & African diaspora authors.

Podcastle – a weekly podcast of fantasy fiction.

Strange Horizons – a weekly magazine of SF/F/H fiction, poetry, reviews, essays, and interviews. Most (all?) of the fiction & poetry is available in podcast form.

Tor.com – publishes a few pieces of original fiction per month. There is also an eBook club you can sign up for if you live in the U.S. or Canada, where you get one free eBook per month.

Uncanny Magazine – a bimonthly magazine of SF/F fiction & poetry, interviews, essays, and editorials. Certain stories are available in podcast form.

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