Art Shop: ZhilongArt

After thinking about it for over a year, I’ve finally opened up a Redbubble shop.

Last year, I decided to paint/draw some print-size artworks (11″x17″) with the expectation that I’d open up a print shop in the fall. I did two, got a new job, and completely forgot about it.

I didn’t think about my goal of opening up an art shop until recently, primarily because…I needed to buy some fridge magnets. I’ve been following a bunch of artists for years on social media, and assumed that at least one of them would be selling fridge magnets (they are). Then I remembered how I’d drawn this piece of art in January:


I’d originally imagined a line of stickers with cats wearing different hats, but that seemed like too much work at the time so I just drew this instead.

I decided I wanted to do the stickers after all, but that would mean I had to redraw everything, since I hadn’t kept a version of the witch hat cat file with layers. So I did that, and ended up with these eight designs:

witch hat cats 1

witch hat cats 2

Then I decided to redraw another piece of art that would make a good sticker: an upset desert rain frog.

desert rain frog redo

Then because I hadn’t seen it done anywhere, I also made a bunch of “conlanger” pride flags:

conlanger pride flags

Then, after I’d drawn everything and set up the Redbubble shop, I realized…that I’d completely forgotten to buy fridge magnets.

I plan on redrawing some artwork from the last few years to make into prints. I’ll make a blog post every time something new is available. And I definitely plan on updating the “Art” page on this website at some point.

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