Camp NaNo April Plans

It took me quite a while to figure out what I actually wanted to during this April’s Camp NaNo session. This is what I’ve come up with:

Finish writing The Illuminated World. This is a story I started in November 2019 and set aside because it wasn’t working. I’ve changed the plot massively and now it seems like something I can actually finish. I thought about making it a comic and even thumbnailed the first chapter and drew a few pages, but I think it’s going to function best as a short story/novella.

Finish outlining Venére Magic. After thinking it over for weeks, I think I know how to fix this story. I should be able to do all the required plotting, worldbuilding, & outlining during April.

Work on some proper documentation for a couple of conlangs. In January I decided to finally organize the information for all of my conlangs. I’ve only completed this for two conlangs so far.

Write some blog posts. Yep, I’m gonna count my blog post drafts toward my Camp NaNo goal, because why not? I have a lot of blog posts to write this year.

Are you participating in Camp NaNo this month? I’d love to hear what you’re doing.

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