Sunset Overlooking the Sea


This is actually a (sort of) remake of something I drew last year:

Overlooking the Sea, finished 18 April 2020

The two paintings have a tree, a sea, and the two suns in common, but that’s about it. I didn’t want to do an exact remake because that would be boring, and I wanted a more sunset-y color palette. I also learned how to make more realistic-looking clouds in the past year.

The second image (the original) was drawn at 11″x17″ because I had every intention of selling it as a print. That didn’t happen, but I am actually selling the new version as a print on Redbubble.

In further art-related news, I’ve also made an Instagram account: @zhilongart. My art gets posted there as I finish it, and I’ve been posting old artwork there too!

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