Camp NaNo April Results

How did I do in April? Well, I wrote 22,074 words. My goal was 20,000, and I reached that on April 26th.

Originally, I planned on finishing The Illuminated World and the outline for Venére Magic. I wrote less than 500 words combined before I decided to set them aside and move on to the other things I wanted to get done: updating conlang documentation and writing blog posts.

Working on conlangs

I finalized the documentation & updated the dictionaries for 7 conlangs: Qitiniasaaq, Célis zisun, Ciniáne, Rennukat, Kitlinar, Fèdzéyí, and Askeisk. I’m pretty sure the only reason I was able to get through this many is because these were the conlangs that just needed tidying. Most of the grammars & dictionaries were 90-100% complete and all I had to do was organize the information I already had.

The conlangs I need to work on now are the ones that I never got too far into. I’ll be doing a lot of work from scratch, so I doubt I’ll be able to finish more than 1 per month. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them all done by the end of the year. Maybe I’ll make that a goal for July Camp NaNo?


Early in the year, I made a schedule and list of the things I’d like to blog about. Originally, that schedule was Monday/Friday. It later changed to Monday/Wednesday/Friday when I realized I had a lot of things on my list – not just posts about writing, but also about art, conlanging, and a couple of other random subjects.

My original goal for April was to write 6 blog posts. I hit that in a couple of days, so I changed the goal to 12, then to 15. I ended up writing 20 blog posts in total. This was the rest of April’s blog posts, all of May’s (except 2. One is a first impressions of Mass Effect Legendary Edition and the other is May’s Recommendations), and art & conlang posts in June and July.

Venére Magic & The Illuminated World

I really need to rethink what I want to do with Venére Magic and The Illuminated World. I’m not enjoying working on them, which is a serious problem. I’m not being paid to write. I’m not under any sort of deadline. I’m writing in my own free time because I enjoy it – and if I’m not enjoying it, then why am I writing?

It’ll be sad to abandon another project, of course, but I seriously need to find something to write that’s actually enjoyable.

Which might be…

I ended up outlining a bit of a story I’ve been thinking over for the past couple of months. I’ve been turning it over and over in my head for long enough that outlining has turned out to some of the easiest writing I’ve done all year.

This is the “Broken Sword” story I mentioned previously in this naming post. No, I haven’t managed to come up with a better name for it yet. That’s definitely still something I need to work on.

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