Clouds and a Blue Sky


Originally, this was the background of a comic panel – thus the white border around the image. Eventually, I decided not to do a comic, but I didn’t want to just throw out the pages I’d already completed. Especially not this one, since I’m actually really proud of the job I did on the clouds.

Something like this doesn’t actually take very long. I do a very rough sketch with the outlines of the clouds, block out some colors on top of the sketch, delete the sketch, put in a gradient on the background layer, and then refine the rough colors into what you see here.

There are two layers in this image: the clouds, and the background gradient. I don’t like to work with too many layers when I’m “painting” like this. Mostly, everything’s done on one layer. It’s easier for me to keep track of things that way.

I actually liked this enough to make it available as a print on Redbubble, sans the watermark.

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