Forest Pond (2019-06-30)

Finished 30 June 2019.

Back in January 2019, I started a sketch:


I wanted to practice inking & coloring and thought this would be a good image to do such a thing, but then I went to work on other things, and pretty much forgot about finishing this piece.

In late May of 2019, I started experimenting with a different shading/painting style:



After those two pieces were finished, I decided I wanted to see how that style would work in color. And since I had a sketch that could be refined into a painting, why not test it out?

I actually posted my some of my progress on Twitter:

I’m pretty sure that this whole painting was done on one single layer, because I definitely remember painting over the trees and having to fix them multiple times.

Even though I did this piece of art nearly two years ago, I still like it, especially the colors. If I were to do something like this nowadays, I’d probably change the trees and detail the water a little bit more, as well as smooth out the grass so that the color transitions aren’t as obvious as they are here.

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