Desert Night


Acrylic on canvas panel; finished 13 May 2021.

This is my first actual acrylic painting of 2021. I don’t know why it took me almost four and a half months to sit down and paint something, but it did.

This painting is inspired by the views you get in dark sky areas in rural Arizona. Everything’s super dark and there are so many visible stars.

Because my scanner is not the best, some colors did not transfer to the digital version:

  • there is a translucent layer of dioxazine purple at the top of the painting. This is barely visible even in person, so it’s not too important that you can’t see it here.
  • The clouds are actually orange-tinted and not gray.

After scanning, I put the standard three coats of varnish onto it. I’ve always heard to take pictures/scan BEFORE you put the varnish on, so I took a picture just to see how bad the glare is:


Yeah, it’s pretty bad. The colors are also not nearly this bold in reality.

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