Night (2019-11-29)

an acrylic painting of a green nebula with a mountain and trees in black in the foreground.
Finished 2019-11-29. Acrylic on acrylic paper.

Eighth acrylic painting! This originally started out as a yellow & green nebula/galaxy. I ended up not liking the yellow at all, so after I was done painting all the clouds, dust, & stars, I painted the painted the mountain over the yellow part. Then I painted some trees on the mountain to make it look less boring.

This is something I really like about acrylics. They paints are, for the most part, very opaque, and they dry quickly, so I don’t have to worry about smudging if I want to paint over an area.

According to my notes, this took about forty minutes in total. I haven’t done anything like it since, but I’d definitely like to revisit this concept at some point to see how much I’ve improved.

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