A few thoughts on my recent writer’s block

I didn’t have a blog post scheduled for this morning, but I happened to think about this while I was at work. Yay for last minute ideas!

I had a fairly good month in May with regards to outlining. I did a lot of necessary worldbuilding and made all of the character profiles I needed. I even made a couple of naming languages. I got all of that out of the way first so that I could focus on outlining and only outlining in June.

Since the beginning of June, I’ve barely done anything. I’ve “outlined” three chapters. What this means is that I organized my initial stream-of-consciousness ideas into something resembling a chapter outline I can actually used. There have been eight days this month that I’ve actually worked on this outline, which is…not very much. I work on outlines fairly slowly, but it’s usually more of an every day thing.

I’ve been a lot more busy in June. I had a job interview and started a new job. I did a ton of (very late) spring cleaning and donated a bunch of old clothes. My air conditioning went out while it was 115F (46C) and it was a very uncomfortable 2.5 days where I could barely do anything at home. I’ve been slowly updating my wardrobe (necessary, since the last time I seriously did something like this was when I was in high school) and looking into getting a credit card (solely because I want a better credit score).

There’s been a lot going on.

I’m starting to think that the vast majority of “writer’s block” is simply my body refusing to allow me to tire myself out to the point of burnout. I’ve had problems with that before, primarily when I was drawing comics, where I had way too much to do for months on end and was constantly tired and uncreative.

So I think I would like to say…I think this particular case of writer’s block is actually good for me?

One thought on “A few thoughts on my recent writer’s block

  1. I can definitely relate to this, I feel like a lot of times when I’m blocked, it’s actually a sign to focus on something else in my life that needs attention. Sometimes you just need a break, and the body tends to know best about these things, even if you don’t realize it at the time. XD Hoping your writing after block this goes much smoother and is enjoyable!

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