The problem with having too many interests

I have a lot of creative interests. I draw. I write. I paint. I worldbuild. I create conlangs. I (used to) draw comics.

Each of those things is fairly time-consuming. If I’m drawing, that’s time I can’t write. If I’m working on a conlang, that’s time I can’t be painting. Time spent working on one interest is time taken away from everything else. If what I’m currently working on takes longer than expected, it makes things even worse.

Back in May, I set a goal to complete 1 painting per month. That happened in May, but the end of June is quickly approaching and I haven’t had time to even sketch out an idea. And since I will be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo in July, I doubt that month will be any better.

I know most creative people primarily focus on one thing. It allows them to actually improve their craft and have hobbies on the side.¬†Sometimes I wish I’d decided to do that instead of spreading myself thin over several different things.

If I’d focused on my artwork, would I be a working artist? Would I have learned and improved at a faster pace? Would I be making money with it? Would I have an audience?

I’ve been posting my artwork online since 2007. I’ve had very little attention on all the websites I used. Maybe that would have been different if I’d tried harder to find an art community instead of just doing the bare minimum – drawing – and then immediately moving on to different things.

I have the same feelings about my writing. Less so about conlanging. My particular feelings on not being able to draw comics any longer will be addressed in a different post (probably).

I know if I picked one thing and stuck with it, I wouldn’t be as busy and wouldn’t feel as guilty taking time for myself. But I want to do all these things, and I genuinely like doing them, too.

I guess I’ll just continue onward. Slowly.

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