Animated Icons (pre-2010)

I used to make tiny, 50×50 pixel icons when I used deviantART. Some of them were even used as avatars on the website. The last three – the milky way, wolves, and propeller hat cat definitely were. I can’t remember if I ever posted the first four online. Since I posted basically everything I drew online back then, I’m sure I did.

All these icons were made in GIMP, and I had to redownload the program to upscale these icons from 50×50 to 200×200. GIMP is a program I last used in 2015-2016, and I’m glad I remembered how to do anything at all. The GUI’s definitely improved.

Unfortunately, I don’t have dates for any of these icons. The last one – the propeller hat cat – was done in 2010, at the very latest.








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