The Land of Two Moons: Final Thoughts

I finished writing The Land of Two Moons in mid-February. It hasn’t occupied very much of my mind since then, so there are a lot of fine details about the story I don’t actually remember.

There are a lot of things that got left out of the story. Some of them got left out because they ended up not being relevant to the finished story – this is something that happens with every writing project. You can’t use every single idea you have. There are some things that got left out because The Land of Two Moons was originally envisioned as a comic (and was a comic for a prologue and six entire chapters), and I would not have been able to draw them. Since the entire script was written by the time I was finished drawing chapter 1, I didn’t put those things back in when I transitioned to prose, largely because I wasn’t thinking about them. And then there are things I thought about putting in, but then didn’t write them down and completely forgot about them.

I scripted out a bonus chapter where the readers would learn where the name “Tyvokala” came from. There were multiple pages removed from the end of chapter 1, where Nymue would already show suspicion toward the Avatar & the government, which were taken out because the chapter was already too long.

I don’t exactly feel disappointed with the finished product – I’m more content, if anything. The story is done and I’m happy it’s done. It took up enough years of my life. I’m not 100% satisfied with the way the story turned out, but I don’t think any writer is.

If I ever get the time – and I doubt I will, I’ve got tons of other stories to work on – I’d like to rewrite The Land of Two Moons as a proper novel. The prose version of the story was directly based on the comic script, and there is a lot that I did not describe in that script. A lot of stuff that was going to be shown in artwork that I didn’t bother describing because I was just going to make a couple of reference sheets when it came time to draw things.

I’d say what I produced was decent, but there is definitely room for improvement as well.

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