Recommendations: September 2021


Chanson D’Amour by Orrin Grey (Nightmare Magazine)

Mister Dawn, How Can You Be So Cruel? by Violet Allen (Lightspeed Magazine)

Sometimes You Get the Bear by Tim Pratt (The Deadlands)

The Revolution Will Not Be Served with Fries by Meg Elison (Lightspeed Magazine)

What is Mercy? by Amal Singh (Fantasy Magazine)


Alone? or, How a Survivalist Reality TV Show Defangs Publishing’s Narrow Definition of Agency by Maria Dong (Apex Magazine)

Debarkle by Camestros Felapton

Trials By Whiteness: Orientalism and Liberal Multiculturalism by Jaymee Goh (Strange Horizons)


Game of Tones (about tone in language) by Artifexian (Youtube)

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