2015-06: Draw Every Day in June

Back in June 2015, I decided that I was going to draw at least one thing every day. I ended up with a lot of doodles that I ultimately didn’t like, but I did produce a couple of pieces that are pretty nice.


I did this one without any kind of reference – and this isn’t an easy pose! I may have looked at my own hands as a reference for the hand here, but reference photos? I didn’t use any.

I wouldn’t recommend this method of drawing, by the way. References are great and reduce a lot of frustration when you can’t get a pose quite right.


The shadows in this piece are definitely too dark, but I have always been pretty obsessed with that kind of chiaroscuro effect. It was most obvious in my 2014-2015 art.

Sailor Pluto’s Garnet Rod always looked really complicated for me to draw, but surprisingly, that wasn’t the case. It was genuinely not difficult.


I actually did use a reference for this one – from AdorkaStock – and as a result it turned out pretty well! Well…except for the chair/throne thing.  That’s definitely too geometrical.


The contrasts here are even higher than in the Sailor Pluto Image, and that’s because I decided to shade with BLACK. It’s super dramatic and I love it. I love this kind of contrast!

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