The Book of Immortality: Origins

The first inklings of this story started in 2014 when I decided to combine Western & Chinese mythology. The elves and elemental magic came from the Western side, and the dragons and tigers came from the Chinese side. There was a fairly even mix between the mythologies, but I didn’t have much of a plot, so I set the story aside until I had a burst of inspiration in 2017 and started work on The Book of Immortality.

I create three different maps for the original setting. The first has been lost entirely, but I still have images of the other two.


This is the second map, which was created in August 2014. “Resunishe” was the city where the story started. This obviously became Resuni, the capital of East Meitsung in The Book of Immortality.


The third map is much more similar to the final map of Meitsung. The Kingdom of Flames (tiger territory) and Dragon Mountains (dragon territory) are in roughly the same areas.

Unfortunately, I seem to have deleted most of my notes. The only character name I remember is Sirilrhis. He was in the story from the very beginning, as were his kids (though Vidhas had a different name and Zhivasu’s name was spelled differently).

Lisel existed from the very first draft. She was always an elf, but she had a different name (Rensel, possibly) and a much different personality. There was a female tiger character who was some kind of guard. She didn’t make it into The Book of Immortality. There was no equivalent to Kiyaska – I don’t remember if there were any human characters.

The story actually started off in the same way: Rensel attacked Sirilrhis so her people could get him to help them. However, Rensel was an archer who used a bow. She also wasn’t a leader – she was super insecure and genuinely not the best at what she did. This was actually she was picked to shoot a dragon: so they wouldn’t lose anyone actually valuable if she failed and died.

I also write two short stories. They were posted on this blog in 2014 and I took them down some time later, likely when they became irrelevant.

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