2021: Team Cosmic Stardust

Last year, I started doodling some random magical girls. It didn’t take long for me to give them names and start working on a backstory.

I’ve been redesigning them the past few months, and once all that was done, I decided to draw each of them, showing off their new (and probably final) designs.

The four of them are:

  • Touko Akahoshi AKA Cosmic Vermillion (red)
  • Kirsikka Sinisalo AKA Cosmic Indigo (blue)
  • Sona Cand Kaur AKA Cosmic Saffron (yellow)
  • Esther Ward AKA Cosmic Latte (off-white)

I don’t have a story for them yet, but I’m definitely thinking of one.


20210829_cosmic indigo

20211028_cosmic saffron

20211031_cosmic latte

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