Let’s Make a Conlang: Soleisu Week 2

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This week, I finally created pronouns.


Nominative Meaning Genitive Dative


se I she t-she


kai You khai


3rd Animate mou Ze mou


3rd Inanimate take It thake


I spent a little while thinking about the animacy distinction, since it would also end up affecting nouns. I decided that an animate/inanimate distinction would work best.

Pronouns, like nouns, are not marked for number, just case. There will be a way to indicate number – probably with numerals or words like “many” and “a lot” – but I haven’t decided on how that will work yet.

Phonologically, I decided that all alveolar consonants (/n t s l/) would be allowed as final consonants (mid-word only) instead of just /n/ and /l/. That means words like katnei and matni are now possible.

I also started creating verbs because…well, I need verbs if I’m going to create example sentences and test grammar.

Words Created This Week

anali /a.na.li/ v. to shine

itali /i.ta.li/ v. to speak

kai /kai/ prn. 2nd person pronoun

katnei /kat.nei/ v. to see

matni /mat.ni/ v. to think

mou /mou/ prn. 3rd person animate pronoun

salkai /sal.kai/ v. to walk

satoi /sa.toi/ v. to read

se /se/ prn. 1st person pronoun

take /ta.ke/ prn. 3rd person inanimate pronoun

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