Various Screenshots: Mass Effect 1

One thing I started doing this year when playing video games was take the time to appreciate the work the developers put into the environments. This meant taking time to look around at all the pretty things and take screenshots. So many screenshots.

The first video game I made an effort to do this with was Mass Effect 1. Unfortunately, I didn’t take as many screenshots as I did in the other two games. Also, all of these screenshots were taken on planets and moons visited during side missions – except the one that was taken on Feros.

20210516_11 X-57
Asteroid X57
20210523_16 Ontarom
20210529_21 Klendagon
20210613_26 Eletania
20210619_27 Feros
20210620_28 Maji
20210620_29 Solcrum

One thought on “Various Screenshots: Mass Effect 1

  1. I like Solcrum the best of all, the planet peeking over the dark rough surface. The planet will only be full explored if the player has the right equipment, which will allow it to explore landscapes over which bumpy travel is to be expected, possible liquid regions that reflect light peacefully from within, and sparse plant-filled settings.

    The game becomes richer as one plays on, because the detail is so immense for a limited storage medium, but even on a system like the earlier video game stations, much can come through.

    I savored watching these images!

    — Catxman

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