Lexember 2021

This December, I decided to create an entirely new conlang, Soleisu. Like all new conlangs, it needed a lot of words. And what could possibly be better for new words than Lexember?

Day 1 / 2021-12-01

kala /ka.la/ n. – language

Despite this being day 1’s word, it was actually created on December 4th. It was, however, the first word to have an actual meaning assigned to it. I thought that having the word for “language” very early on would be useful.

Day 2 / 2021-12-02

/ly/ n. – fish

This is one of the test words I created when I was working on the conlang’s phonology. It was originally /lu/, but I changed it to /ly/ when I realized I wanted a short word with that /y/.

Day 3 / 2021-12-03

tolko /tol.ko/ n. – moon

A test word that gained a meaning on December 4th. This one shows one of the conlang’s syllable-final consonants, /l/, which can only occur in the middle of a word – never at the end of one.

Day 4 / 2021-12-04

yene /je.ne/ n. – sun

Another test word. /j/ using <y> is the reason /y/ is represented with <ü>. Umlauts don’t exist anywhere else.

Day 5 / 2021-12-05

hali /ha.li/ n. – star

After “sun” and “moon”, I decided it would also be good to have a word for “star”.

Day 6 / 2021-12-06

selio /se.li.o/ n. water

I was pretty stumped this day. I’d decided to stick with nouns until I had the time to create more grammar, and I couldn’t think of any nouns I wanted to create words for. I settled on “water” as it would probably end up being useful in compound words and example sentences.

Day 7 / 2021-12-07

palha /pal.ha/ n. fire

Then I decided to stick with the element theme.

Day 8 / 2021-12-08

mailke /mail.ke/ n. dirt, earth

Day 9 / 2021-12-09

kannai /kan.nai/ n. person

I very quickly got sick of elements.

Day 10 / 2021-12-10

nalai /na.lai/ n. thought

Day 11 / 2021-12-11

laati / la.a.ti/ n. memory

Day 12 / 2021-12-12

lunta /lun.ta/ n. secret

This word is partially inspired by Irish rúnda, which means “secret”.

Day 13 / 2021-12-13

se /se/ prn. I, me

I figured it might be useful to finally create a first person pronoun.

Day 14 / 2021-12-14

anali /a.na.li/ v. to shine

This is the first verb created for Soleisu!

Day 15 / 2021-12-15

katnei /kat.nei/ v. to see

Day 16 / 2021-12-16

itali /i.ta.li/ v. to speak

I decided it would be useful to create more verbs for future grammar tests.

Day 17 / 2021-12-17

satoi /sa.toi/ v. to read

Day 18 / 2021-12-18

salkai /sal.kai/ v. to walk

Day 19 / 2021-12-19

matni /mat.ni/ v. to think

Day 20 / 2021-12-20

selini /se.li.ni/ v. to flow (water)

Day 21 / 2021-12-21

soleisu /so.lei.su/ n. river

Day 22 / 2021-12-22

silu /si.lu/ n. mountain

Day 23 / 2021-12-23

kesli /kes.li/ v. to sing

Day 24 / 2021-12-24

ika /i.ka/ n. house

Day 25 / 2021-12-25

soi /soi/ n. food

Day 26 / 2021-12-26

nome /no.me/ adj. black

Day 27 / 2021-12-27

nimu /ni.mu/ n. cloud

Day 28 / 2021-12-28

ensi /en.si/ n. tree

Day 29 / 2021-12-29

piya /pi.ja/ n. sky

Day 30 / 2021-12-30

tiku /ti.ku/ n. light

Day 31 / 2021-12-31

osei /o.sei/ adj. bright

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