Writing Update: January 2022

I’ve decided to start a new series of posts called “Writing Update”, where I talk about what I’ve been up to, writing-wise, during the month. I’ve never done this regularly, so I’m hoping it will provide a little bit of reflection on my own work and process.

Writing is not going very well, as you may have assumed from my previous post about my writing crisis. Aside from not being inspired, I’ve also been busy with mandatory overtime at my day job. It’s been difficult to find time to write even during free time at home. All I want to do is relax.

I finished outlining Samael issue 12 this month, and am about halfway through outlining issue 13. I really wanted to get issue 13 done this month, but then all of the above happened. My February goal is to finish the outline for issue 13 and start on issue 14.

I haven’t had the time to do any actual writing! Back in December, I told myself I’d get the Samael outline done by the end of the year – then I could get back to writing. That obviously didn’t happen, but I still do have the same goal of getting the outline done before I start up writing again. Hopefully that will happen before the beginning of April so I can get back to writing prose for April’s Camp NaNoWriMo session.

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