Drawing as a kid and as an adult

I did so much drawing as a kid. If I wasn’t reading, I was drawing. Most of what I drew wasn’t “finished” in any sense of the words – they were drawings of animals and characters I made up, all done in pencil on cheap printer paper or in notebooks. I only started doing “finished” work when I started drawing on the computer – and really only after I got my first tablet.

I produced hundreds of “doodles” from the ages of 3-11. This only happened because I was a kid; I had zero responsibilities and endless free time. There was no reason I couldn’t draw to my heart’s content.

Now, as an adult, I have all sorts of things at my attention and very little free time, so making time for drawing is a bit of a luxury. And I often want to spend the free time I have on other things – writing, reading, playing video games. If I choose to do one of those, then I don’t have time to draw.

Additionally, most of what I draw now are “finished” pieces. I don’t do much doodling/sketching anymore unless I’m figuring out character designs or doing concept art. There’s an actual reason for this: in my late teens, I decided that I drew too much of one thing (people standing around) and not others – backgrounds, landscapes, etc. I decided to work on drawing other things so I could improve at them. It worked, but with the result of my art taking longer than it used to since I was adding more to each piece.

I think what I need to do to get out of my drawing slump is go back to “simpler” art. As much as I really want to draw elaborate things, I simply don’t have the patience for it – and such things are often easier to paint instead of draw.

Here’s hoping I seriously get back into drawing this year.

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