2022 Goals: How am I doing so far?

My original 2022 goals post is here.

Finish writing Samael. Well, I’m almost done with the outline. I am definitely nowhere near done with writing. That will probably take me up until the end of the year.

Create 52 pieces of art. This has been a bust. I haven’t been drawing at all!

Get through my reading backlog. You know what I did instead? I bought more books.

Get through my video game backlog. I only started getting the time to play video games again at the end of May. I haven’t finished any games yet, but I can probably get 3-4 done by the end of the year.

Get through my watchlist. I’ve actually made some progress with this. I’ve been working through shows and movies at a pretty good pace.

Try 6 new restaurants. I’m at 4/6 right now.

Finish buying new clothes. This is still in progress.

Buy a house. This is the only goal that I’ve 100% completed. It’s also a large part of the reason I’ve made such little progress with the rest of my goals. Looking for, then buying, and then moving into a house was incredibly time-consuming.

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