2022 July: Speedpaintings

I had a thought in the last week of July: why don’t I lay down some blobs of color on a canvas and see what kind of painting results from it?

I only got to do two paintings, but here they are. Both took around 25-30 minutes each and were done with various watercolor brushes in Clip Studio Paint.

20220730_speedpainting websize

This one was painted on July 30th. This is only half of the original canvas; originally, the mountains extended further down and there was a river/pond. I eventually decided I didn’t like it, and cropped it out of the canvas.

20220731_speedpainting websize

This one was painted on July 31st. I decided that the previous day’s palette was too boring, and I wanted to use more vibrant colors. That’s why this one is orange and yellow. I spent a lot more time on the clouds than on the mountains with this one.

Now that I’ve done these two, I can say I don’t particularly like the watercolor brushes. I think I’ll try out the oil paint & gouache brushes the next time I do something like this.

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