Some changes in post content

For the most part, this blog is mostly about writing. There are the occasional posts about conlanging, art, reviews, and the monthly recommendations, but most of the posts are about writing.

Due to Twitter’s ongoing implosion, that’s going to change a little. I’m going to be posting more varied stuff here now, and that includes things that I would normally be content with retweeting. That means I’ll be promoting other peoples’ work.

If I buy something from an artist, I’ll post about it here. If I support a Kickstarter for a SFFH magazine or a print version of a webcomic I’ve been following for years, I’ll post about it here. If I come across a cool event that I’m not particularly interested in but others may be, I’ll post about it here. If I find a mutual aid fund or charity for an ongoing or new crisis, I’ll post about it here.

I’m not quite sure yet on how I’m going to do things. I might make a weekly roundup post, or simply dedicate a post to each thing. Depends on how long they end up being, I guess.

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