Double-Up Donation Day

Today starts Double-Up Donation Weekend (though for some reason, I always remember it as Double-Up Donation Day instead). This year, it runs from November 4th-6th. Donating $25 dollars gets you the rewards from the $50 tier, and donating $50 gets you the rewards for the $100 tier – for this weekend only!

National Novel Writing Month is something I’ve participated in since 2008, and I’ve been donating during this weekend for as long as I’ve been able to. The program has been hugely beneficial to me, so it’s only right to give back.

The “double” part of this weekend doesn’t solely refer to donations. Some people also use it as a way to double their wordcount. I’m going to try that this year…though, honestly, it’s not that impressive. At the end of day 3, the target word count is 5,000, which would double to 10,000 by the end of day 6. Which has a target word count of 10,000 anyway.

Well, let’s see if I can write a little more than that.

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