Back in 2017, I made an account on Then I deleted it in early 2022 as part of my account cleanup – I was deleting various accounts that I hadn’t used in a while because there was no use in keeping them. Then in April I made a new account on and started posting art there. Well, in August I decided that it was best to keep my artwork off of social media, and in October I started using Mastodon again, for fairly obvious reasons.

I’m using Mastodon in essentially the same way I use Twitter – random thoughts, writing updates and comments, etc. In fact, I’ve been mirroring most of my Tweets. The ones where I post links to other social media aren’t mirrored because that wouldn’t make much sense.

My Mastodon account is, if you want to follow me there.

If you pay attention to the front page of this blog, you may have noticed that I removed the sidebar widget that displays my most recent Tweets. Apparently, that was a legacy widget and now there are all kinds of sidebar widgets. It’s way more than I remember it being when I added that Twitter widget back in…2014.

Anyway, there isn’t a Mastodon widget, so I will probably update the sidebar manually to add a link to Mastodon and other social media sites I regularly use.

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